How Does It Feel

Video originally exhibited at Artericambi Gallery, Verona.

“The video, entirely shot in a hotel room, marks the first attempt of the artist at staging a series of wordless actions, deadpan gags suspended somewhere between Samuel Beckett and slapstick comedy.” – Simone Menegoi

“Amid the sterile and ubiquitous neutral tones of a generic hotel room, we see artist Bridget Moser splayed on the floor, dressed entirely in cobalt blue. She cycles through a series of activities alone in the hotel room: the bluish glow of a lightbox illuminates her face as she contemplates the lively snowboarders it depicts; she slowly crawls out from under the covers, lying on the floor as though defeated; she gazes absently at Toronto’s CN tower, as (in stroke of poignant timing) it turns blue; and pulling out the hideaway bed is an unprecedented struggle. Throughout, her impassive eyes ask: tell me, how should I feel?” – Natasha Chaykowski