Asking for a friend

Video shot on location at Xpace Cultural Centre (2013)

Curated by Alicia Nauta
Read Daniella Sanader’s feature about this video, Bridget Moser & The Art of Self-Improvement, from the winter 2015 issue of Canadian Art

“Bridget Moser’s video Asking for a friend (2013) is also structured around an index of concerns for self-improvement, a meandering series of introspective questions about the nature of creative expression, interpersonal relationships and the measures for personal success. […] Moser is also concerned with refusing usefulness, in doing less with less. With her torso forced through the upturned wooden bench, her legs awkwardly straddling the support beam, she uses her fingertips to drag herself slowly along the floor, wondering, “I dunno, is there an easier way to move forward?” There probably is. Yet Moser remains committed to her inefficiencies, ultimately more interested in experiencing the world from her own imperfect point of view.” – Daniella Sanader

“This incessant enquiry into our world shifts between inner monologues to more universal conundrums while she holds, moves and becomes entrapped in chairs, a bench, and everyday objects. Language, gestures and situations no longer have a determined outcome but allude to tragedy and absurdity as questions on the nature of relationships, both personal and with the world that surrounds us, are brought to the fore.” – Georgina Jackson

Also included in Push and Pull at Mercer Union