So what?!

Documentation of performance on August 18th, 2013, at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Performance with Le Sportsac bag, windbreaker, and “GO BIG” baseball cap, which was lost in Texas in 2018.

“In So what?! (2013), after failing to escape her own shadow, Moser conjures up a slouching dance partner in a windbreaker and a ball-cap—a golem summoned not to protect or destroy, but to dance the slow dance of awkward adolescence. […] Usually, Moser draws our attention away from her own transformations, pushing various objects through absurd transitions from one semiotic state to another, while she shifts the meaning of her own body, rapidly, seamlessly. Our attention is taken by the glossy black weekender in So What?!, a bag that is a necklace, that is a loss, that is the inside of a small dancer (her partner, pictured above), and its transformations normalize her own—leaving the question of who she really is unasked and irrelevant. Like the objects she engages, Moser’s own body is open to an apparently infinite array of meanings.” – Sarah Hollenberg