A Fence is a Type of Movement

A specially commissioned project for Gallery TPW (2015)

Curated by Jacob Korczynski and Kim Simon
Videography by Paul Tjepkema
Production supported by Gallery TPW

A site-specific project shot on location in the new gallery site while still under construction (and briefly post-construction). Projected on an infinite loop with individual wireless headphones for each viewer. Headphones recommended. Featuring audio from dance competition adjudication tapes from a solo I performed at age seventeen.

Exhibited in conjunction with open rehearsals of Transmitting Trio A (1966), a FADO Performance Art Centre initiative where dancers and non-dancers learn and publicly work through the choreography of Yvonne Rainer’s iconic dance piece, Trio A.

About the exhibition:
In 1968, feminist author Jill Johnston stated “I’ve seen Trio A a number of times and still think I haven’t really seen it.” Curated and presented by FADO Performance Art Centre in collaboration with Sara Wookey, a series of performances, Transmitting Trio A (1966), allows the opportunity to see Yvonne Rainer’s canonical dance presented from a range of perspectives. In response to FADO’s initiative, Gallery TPW presents “…a container for mere possibilities that have not yet happened, a body in a state of becoming through time, or a structure for the expression of time as it moves both forwards and backwards at once,” which situates Trio A within a constellation of conversations, readings and newly commissioned works. Commissioned as an anchor to this series of events, A Fence is a Type of Movement is a new video by Bridget Moser produced specifically in the new Gallery TPW site while under construction.